MultiRATE @ Security Research Event (SRE)

Brussels, Belgium, 24-25 October 2023

The MultiRATE project, a European Horizon initiative with a revolutionary vision for security research, was unveiled at the Security Research Event (SRE) 2023, organized by European Commission, held on October 24 and 25, Brussels, Belgium. The participants involved in this event exceeded 800 in number attracting security experts from different fields. With so many people interested in the project’s progress, this event was an important milestone for the project.
CERTH, the coordinator of MultiRATE European Horizon project, set up a booth to showcase the project’s progress. Visitors welcomed to the booth to discover more information about the project’s objectives and the novel approach being implemented to measuring Readiness Levels (RL) in security R&D projects.
At the SRE 2023, MultiRATE showcased an early version of the web-based readiness level tool, allowing attendees to learn more about the project’s objectives. This mean of presentation gave interested parties a sneak peek at the project’s novel approach to RL evaluations, capturing their interest and inspiring excitement.
This event made entities interested in MultiRATE. After getting in touch with a number of related SSRI projects, including TRANSCEND, PREVENT PCP, and BROADWAY PCP, CERTH paved the way for further collaborations and the development of a robust community that will further security research.
MultiRATE’s participation at the SRE event introduced a unified Readiness level methodology and calculator, demonstrating the project’s potential to transform the EU security research and development activities.

MultiRATE 2nd Plenary Meeting

CENTRIC, Sheffield, UK, 29-30 June 2023

On the 29th and 30th of June, the 2nd plenary meeting of MultiRATE project was held at CENTRIC premises in UK. The meeting focused on the development of the 7 RL methodologies, indicators, and calculators, leading also to the holistic RL framework. Fruitful discussions took place, on the current state of play, interdependencies among RLs, potential use case, and the validation and exploitation future activities. Based on the above, the next steps (such as the RLs and Holistic RL deliverables and the validation workshops) were planned, assuring the high quality of the project and enhanced collaboration among the consortium and external experts/projects.

MultiRATE Kick off Meeting

CERTH/ITI, Thessaloniki, Greece, 12-13 December 2022

Holistic framework for the MatUrity evaLuaTIon of ReAdiness level for security TEchnologies – MultiRATE officially began in December 2022. KOM was held at CERTH/ITI (Coordinator of the project) premises in Thessaloniki. The project will be running in 9 EU Member States and 1 European country, by 12 partners. The Consortium invites you, in this context, to learn more about the development of a harmonised RL evolution methodology for security related solutions. The upcoming months will offer the opportunity to stakeholders to stay informed on how the open-access developed solution will be tested in multiple domains, such as in Cybersecurity, Border Management, and Fight against Crime and Terrorism.

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Duration: (12/2022-05/2025)
Grant Agreement Number: 101073929
Funded Under: HORIZON-CL3-2021-SSRI-01
Funding Scheme: RIA – Research and Innovation Actions
Topic: HORIZON-CL3-2021-SSRI-01-01 – A maturity assessment framework for security technologies
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